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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

You're My Shooting Star-

So just a really quick post today , thought i'd show an otfit me and my dear friend Amelia
styled , we went charity shop shopping today, it was so much fun.
The blouse is actually Amelias which she bought for £4.80 , i was so jealous it was a fight
to the till .. but i bought the most beautiful bag which i'll show you another time
as well as a really nice necklace.

So to go with the lovely navy sheer-ness of the top i paired it with a camel colour
skirt which is actually my mums i must admit but i love it , simple accesories kinda
finsih it off. sorry bit of a boring post but just thought i'd show my love for charity it sad that i think that each item has a slight story.. yeah probably , anyway
thanks for reading as always lovelies (thanks to amelia for taking the pictures)
comments are much appreciated  (yes i always say that but its true   (; ) ☮


  1. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    ooh that sounds awesome! blog it when it's done
    you look lovely my dear <3

  2. Charity Shops are the best! :) I love that camel skirt, and don't worry, My mums closet is a never ending supply for me ahahaha. + Thank you for all your sweet comments, Im so sorry I didn't have time to reply to them sooner! Panda xo

  3. Love the outfit. Skirt is lovely. Wish I was this well dressed at 15 ;-)

  4. oh wow thank you so much girlies x

  5. thank-you again for the lovely comment sweetie,
    hehe they are so yummy i don't blame you ;) xxx

  6. no worries, i love comments my sweetie, don't be sorry at all!
    thats really nice of you, okay i'm looking forward to it xxx


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