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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Down by the water-

right so as stupid as it sounds i feel horrible for neglecting my blog this week , bu
t my my you would never believe the amount of work i have to do this week
(currently delaying ironing my textiles peice to write this ) hah.So today i had such alot
to do , afterschool "gym and dance show"run through for 2 and half hours , but i had to do
as much of my final peice catch up ... dilemma? definatly.So in the end i watched 30 minutes
of other peoples dances then had all the "top dancers"look at me like i was a turd on the floor
while i performed with my GCSE dance group , i suppose now i should mention i hate being
judged (; ANYWAY! the moral of the story is after i had a pathetic cry about my dance teacher never picking me for anything i went to the textiles room started sewing and literally felt 100%
better , i'm such a fashion keeno it makes megenuinly happy ha.
just a quick look consisting of my hareem trousers along with topshop bow back tops/dress and
zara coat , i love this coat , it was actually part of my christmas present.

hope everyone likes this ramble of a post , comments much appreciated as always x
(sorry for the god awful pixelating my mouth looked gross)


  1. Love the pistures, the coat looks really cool, SusieXXX

  2. thank you very much aha its like my baby i love it (: x

  3. looool
    how comes you pixelated your mouth?
    made me lol a bit - dont worry about not posting all the time, after all - we are only human ahaha xxx

  4. hah i did say at the end of the post.
    my mouth looked so bad so i just ...
    got rid of it aha x


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