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Monday, 7 February 2011

Ready for love-

So my weekend was very much uneventful , minusing my shananigans on friday night
it was not the best weekend , stayed up to 4 AM on sunday night doing coursework
definatly need to be more organised :/ Sorry i'm rambling , anyway i was browsing the
new look website this weekend due to the fact my mother hinted i needed shoes after
she bought me a pair of sports lux hareem trousers with zips (look coming soon ? )
and so i was looking at their new selection of shoes , may i say , i'm quite impressed
below are some i love although i'd never get the wedges due to my already tall height.
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

I am so in love brown leather shoes i think they are the cutest and go really well with navy
as well as floral prints (: majorly busy today just wanted to do a quick post and to mention
my dissapointment in the fact that the new Topshop "new age constellation" collection doesn't
have any galaxy print anythings , sadface. Comments much appreciated my loves ☮

PS: i miss summer.


  1. all the shoes are gorge xxxx

  2. i know right , want them all ahah x

  3. Don't we all, but by the looks of today... its on its way back :D

  4. today was so lovely with the sun (:
    thanks for the comments lovelies x

  5. Them shoes are lovely, i especially love the last ones. I miss the summer too. Thank you for your comment and good luck with your GCSE final :)


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