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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Edges i Like Them Rough-

So i am feeling like i have neglected my dear blog beyond belief , and i apoligise but i have
been so busy , GCSE's start on monday ! Any who this week being my last of secondary school
alot went on including me dressing up as grapes for my last day. I shan't post pictures as i look
positively ridculous but i did manage to win 2nd most fashionable of the year & this is fine by me
as it means not everyone loves my style but not everyone hates it.

In relation to my guilt i have taken a few pictures of my favourite purchase of 2011 so far , this
dress is suprisingly from primark and i just love everything. the high neckline the lace overly the
tulle like skirt , for me it's the best. Although i hate wearing red this is a coral tone of red and is
so bright much like that of a topshop printed dress you may have seen. Anyway have my guilt
pictures and i can't wait till i have more time to blog , comments are loved & thank you to all
my followers , there may be few but the fact someone might read this just makes me smile ☮

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