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Saturday, 5 February 2011

It's hard but not impossible-

My lord it's been a long week , i won't make excuses for not posting i shall just apoligise
so many deadlines to meet :o.Anyway onto the subject i was going to discuss , i went to
two parties yesterday (friday) andthought  i'd show you guys my outfit , hoping everyone
doesnt think it's too horrendous. one of these parties had a slight theme , you had to wear
black gold or white and as i'm not the biggest fan of white i went for all black.The seqined
hot pants are one of my Topshop finds from last year aswell as my aviator jacket which i
love to death i went for a simple black bandeau dress which i tucked in with a vintage leather
belt around the waist , i suppose it's not something i'd wear all the time but sometimes you just have
to get in the party spirit! Anyway thanks for reading everyone , more posts next week when my
textiles GCSE final peice should be done and i can show you pictures , i cant wait x

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