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Friday, 29 April 2011

Long Live McQueen-

All i have to say is wow , how sad is it that i got teary when i saw the dress ?
Alexander himself would have been so proud i'm sure , i always knew it would
be a McQueen and when i saw it i just knew.  I could literally talk about so much
the way they made the hips slightly larger with that odd shaping Mcqueen always
does and how much did it slim the waist? wow the way the skirt hung was just beau-
tiful and the sweetheart neckline was perfect with the contrast of the v neck lace.
sorry i could rant forever i'm so boring all i want to say is some fashion moments
just make me want to talk and talk as they are just that beautiful.
normal posts soon, exam time soon it's all getting stressful!
much love to all my followers comments are loved ☮

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites-

Well , i can't even make up excuses for not blogging in a while although i will say
that i blame revision , tumblr , friends & the vampire diaries for taking up all my time.
So it  feels so good to get back to blogging and i have some lovely new clothes to
show you lovelies , although i probably won't end up photographing them for a while.

So once again i have been at my nails trying different things , below are pictures of my
union jack nails and my colour pop leopard nails , i'm slightly obsessed with nail art right
now it's so calming and something i'm actually semi ok at.

Be sure to look foward to actual good blog posts from me my lovelies , i'm stressed exams start
in around 2 weeks so i have had to slightly alter my focus , comments much appreciated as
always hope everyone is enjoying the sun ☮

Photobucket     Photobucket

Friday, 15 April 2011

This has Gotta Be The Good Life-

I have failed on the constant blog updates , which makes me sad , but i have been pretty
busy this past week. I have been Loving Half term although i seem to have negelected
my revision and so i feel really bad , anyway here are just some brief pictures , funnily
enough they are all of my hands/wrists ... yay!

so i did my nails this week with a "half moon" manicure which is all over the catwalks
right now , i really love it although it's slightly annoying when the colours merge and
you have to start again : /  Along with that i got some lovely rings from the topshop
sale along with some temporary tattoos which may seem very childish but i think they
are pretty cool  , They remind of when Chanel had them on their catwalks last year i do
believe ?  which were so so beautiful.

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket


Sorry this is such a short rubbish-y post but i have recently sorted my tumblr so check it
out and i promise promise promise to do more posts , comemnts are lovedd ☮

Friday, 8 April 2011

It is what it is-

So , I'm guessing i would give the impression of being a lazy blogger , right? .. wrong. i am
in fact a girl who is contantly bogged down with work , whether it be textiles revision
(may i mention my teacher has given me literally all the past paper questions she could
find ?) or trying to defy the odds that my terrible English teacher has ruined my chance at
an A... whatever though because now its HALFTERM , and although i will studying the
majority, i will in fact also have a few days for fun (:

In which i am hoping to take a view pictures for this lovely little blog here and do as many
posts as i can , but for now all am doing is trying to be less tired after my fab day at the river
and read my grazia , please enjoy this horrible webcam picture , haah (:


I'm guessing I'm not the only one who consistently flicks through the pages of magazines to
find that their lusted after items are in fact hundreds of pounds?
Anywhoo hope everyone had a great day , posts coming up for the next two weeks
including some possible shots from my "prom dress shopping day" with my mum and friend
oh the joy i can't wait to be bombarded with taffeta and sequins , much love as always my lovely
readers ☮