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Monday, 28 March 2011

I Know That We've Still Got Time, But i Do Not Think We're Invinsible-

Wellwellwell , i am not in the best of moods , well, scratch that i am in the worst mood
i have been in for a long time and i shan't bother you with the stupid irrelavant teenage
details; Instead here is the outfit i wore to see the amazing Les Miserables last week
nothing out of the ordinary , although i must say i love each item of clothing in this
outfit a great deal , non the less it is slightly boring but my done up shirt and ribbon
make me feel stupendously dapper.Hopefully i'll be back to myself soon , and hoping
my little old blog shall someday be noticed , what can i say , sometimes the lack
of sucsess gets me down.. oh well love all the comments i recieve much appreciated
new post soon ☮


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

If We Just Hold On , Maybe Life Could Be Sweet-

Sooo as i said in my last post i forgot to take a picture of my "non school uniform" day
outfit and so i actually took pictures of it at the weekend when i had some spare time
between activities. The outfit is simply complied of my new sailor shorts from primark
, seriously i love them they  are , i don't know how to say , i'd describe them as
"flouncy" ha , and i kept it simple with a white vest top and a lace cardi which is actually
a topshop sale find from ages ago. finaly finished it off with my school bag and my
loafers because i am obsessed with them , just a quick post because i'm off for a jog
loove all your comments lovelies , new post soon... i hope ☮


[apoligies for the dear in headlight look on my face not sure whats going on there and i am aware of the holes in my beloved tights , frankly i like them]

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Game We Play Called Life-

Well , i do believe i have neglected my blog horribly , but seeing as this is the most important/
busy year of my life so far i feel like i have a reason to not blog on my regular schedule (:
Now i was supposed to take pictures of the outfit i wore to my non school uniform day on
Friday but seeing as i am learning my french oral / went out friday and sunday i was unable to
photograph it , damn.

This is such a nonsence post but i need time to gather all the ideas i've had floating around my
head for this dear blog , so i shall leave you with a quick selection of  pictures,
I don't expect comments for this post but believe me , i'll be back to normal soon...  ☮

[all pictures from weheartit] .. i have a slight obsession with studs/shorts/ leather it seems



Sunday, 13 March 2011

What You Don't Have Now Will Come Back Again-

This weekend was so lovely , the weather was semi spring like and i had
good plans finally got to go shopping (been broke saving up for reading festival) ,
anyway earned some extra cash and bought a lovely denim waistcoat , loafers
and a really nice pair of shorts. Although i acidently spent all my money in primark
whoops, had enough for this lovely long necklace from newlook though.


I love the pale wash denim the waistcoat is made of and the white lace
overlay on the shoulder , pretty sure it will be one of my main summer items ,
along with the shorts which i shall post at some other time.I actually wore this
outfit out with my super old topshop denim jacket , simple but goes with so
sorry just a short post hope everyone had a looovely weekend , comments appreciated ☮

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Crave You-

Yet another quick post , just thought i'd keep my prior promise and show the bag and
necklace i got while charity shop shopping.
I have actually used both of these things so much already , damn the focus on my
camera it actually says "from the bottom of my heart" .. ahh i love nautical jewelery.
I reckon the bag looks slightly like a camera case but i love it it's like a box bag it's
so sturdy and i'm pretty sure it's real leather , my second favourite bag , my favourite
being my louis vuitton ... but thats a whole other post waiting to happen.
School and everything is super busy right now but i am buying my Reading festival
ticket soon so shall be able to stop saving and by some of my lust haves so i can
show all you lovelies , as usual thanks for reading comments are loooved ☮


.. oh no i've been on polyvore again , gotta love the louboutins (;

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Working On White Lies-

Not feeling super cheery today , it's a shame really , but i'm loving polyvore at the moment
so here's two outfits i put together. My god i want all these items badly , it's basicaly my
lust have's put into outfits... just look at that vintage chanel bag , yum.
Better posts soon , i promise , comments much appreciated.. blah blah blah ☮

Everyday studs

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pocket Full Of Secrets-

I am so excited to write this! i genrally avoid using exclamation marks but i am so happy
my dress is finally done and i am now showing it off to you my lovely readers.
My dress is inspired by Mardis Gras which is like a massive celebration in places such
as New Orleans.Several things are involved with it such as large street parties , colourful
beads and the main colours are purple , green and gold... i've never been a fan of wearing
gold though. In terms of fashion being inspired by this festival things such as bright colours
and masks are used as basic ideas.

when it comes to my dress the sweetheart neckline was inspired by mask shape as well
as using two of the main colours of the festival and in actual fact the diamond/kite shape
used for the embellishment (on the midriff of the dress which you can hardly see) is a
main feature in mardis gras costumes which are often ellaborate and very show girly.

So i'm really sorry if i've bored you guys with this post but i have spent so much time on this
i could talk about this for hours seriously i'm that into it...
and yes i realise the pictures make the dress look tacky,it looks nicer in real life and i look
a lot less large in it in real life as well  (:
thank you for reading and as always comments are dearly loved ☮