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Monday, 14 February 2011

Joy division-

Just a quick post my lovelies , today is the commercial day of love , OH JOY.
loving being single today let me tell you , my lovely mum bought me a GU
cheescake to show her love bless her heart (: just thought i'd show some items
of clothes from that i love , forget boyfriends i'd rather have
these items (; total lust haves

so the first item is the "jolene" open back blouse comes in a few colours , the basics
, black and white as well as "blush" and "watermelon, all lovely (although watermelon
would look horrendous with my skin tone)  below is the  blush , i love the open back
i always think showing a bit of back is better than cleavage but i suppose thats just me
and my weird habits (:


seriously some of the blouses on this site are so lovely if i had the money i would
buy quite a few.So along with the great range of blouses they have the cutest peter
pan collar dress , yes i know everyone has one , which puts me off but wow i love
this dress , the simple colours mean you could pair it with great accesories , yum.

AND they have a pair of navy chinos which i have wanted for ages but cant afford
AND they are only £18.99 , need to make my mother find this website so i can get
some goodies (:

i must rush off now got to prepare my textiles peice so that i can (hopefuly) finish
it tomorrow , after a full day of dance show rehearsals... wish me luck ! (:
comments much appreciated as always ☮ & ♥                        


  1. thank-you for the follow my lovely <3
    those clothes look wonderful that reminds me i've got textile to do!

  2. no problem! lovely blog you have their and i can agree with several of your points on the lookbook issue (: x

  3. Love the open back blouse and those chinos are awesome. If I had a job where I actually needed to be smart I'd totally want these. Happy V day too, your Mum is so sweet =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. thanks for the comment (:
    yeah , must say she's a lovely lady hah x

  5. oh the trousers - i want i want x


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