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Monday, 31 January 2011

Too much of your light made me blind-

Not in the best mood today , been really busy and had lots of dance practice to do.
But anyway i'm trying to just move on with things and today i'm having a major love
for bandana's worn in the hair of course , frankly they just come in so many colours
and can be worn with such a variety of clothes , i love them definatly need a few for
spring 2011 especially as the kinda biker/punk look is going to be big , check out
burberry their new collections are gorgeous.
(i cant wait for all the studding & zips:O)
just thought i'd post a few lovely pictures once again , all from weheartit.
times like this when everything goes so fast i just focus on fashion.
comments much appreciated  x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

One Step At a Time -

So this weekend was my first proper party of 2011 , typical 16th really , fairly good music
and absoloutly wasted teenagers , can't say i was very different completly embarrassed
myself , but before i was an embarrassment i took a photo of my costume ...
(apoligies for TERRIBLE lighting and cropped my friends out of respect to them)

 anyway to make this post slightly less rubbish here are some pictures of a look i never got
round to posting , must say i love this scarf  (used in hair) i do believe it was a gift from paris
as well as my brothers che guevara top , i just love that print not going to lie. It's definatly
a simple outfit but i sometimes thats what you need to make single peices stand out.
thats enough of me for now anyway , i have to go and embellish the sash for the dress i'm
making , ALSO comments much appreciated my lovely readers (;  x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

gonna show the world that something good can work-

So as promised took some pictures of my latest look , must admit not sure if i have the
courage to put it on lookbook , not because of the outfit , but instead because i wish
they were much better quality... hey ho what can 'ya do.
Anyway in this i'm wearing a pretty simple outfit ,  absolute beut of a coat if i may say
so, i love the tone of brown , aswell as a Zara pleat skirt with hearts and finished with my
mothers Ralph Lauren pumps that i constantly steal.... sorry mum.
I'm so busy at  the moment but i must admit my blog is becoming my place of solace.
I was working on my Textiles GCSE final peice today , my god i love textiles , when i'm
sewing i don't want to be anywhere else in the world.


ALSO apoligies for my hair .. getting it done on saturday (;


Monday, 24 January 2011


I feel to kick myself currently , saw a beautiful dark levi denim jacket/top thing
in a charity shop but was in such a rush to get home from the sew shop i completly
passed it by... may have to go check it out during the week me thinks.
And as we are speaking of current times i have found is my new love
so uplifting , seriously some of the pictures have such good lighting/poses/clothes/editing
it makes me envious, cannot wait till i get a dslr although there is a very miniscule chance
of this ever ever happening... ever. Not much to say today , may post a look soon though,
but for the time being heres some lovely pictures...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Parents evening-

Odd title i know but with my blessed GCSE's coming up tonight was the night to meet
and greet with the teachers of my school, and may i say mother was best pleased and
said she may be adding a hefty contribuition to my reading festival ticket fund.
First thing it thought about was WELLIES , odd perhaps but i was browsing net-a-porter
recently and came across a heavenly pair of burberry wellington's , patent and studded.
Way out of my price range yes but may do a DIY job here and stud a pair myself...
Hmm , yet another thing to add to my "must make list".

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


So Like any other any other girl my age i was browsing the Topshop website
looking at all the things i wish i could afford ... yet can't.
Classic case of Online window Shopping. But may i say i'm loving the new
collaboration with Ashish , their mixture of printed tee's and sweatshirts
may be slightly odd but i think it's great, the Banana split tee is my current
Lust have ,would look great paired with some camel leggings and my a much
adored aviator jacket. nomnomnom a girl can dream...