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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

You're My Shooting Star-

So just a really quick post today , thought i'd show an otfit me and my dear friend Amelia
styled , we went charity shop shopping today, it was so much fun.
The blouse is actually Amelias which she bought for £4.80 , i was so jealous it was a fight
to the till .. but i bought the most beautiful bag which i'll show you another time
as well as a really nice necklace.

So to go with the lovely navy sheer-ness of the top i paired it with a camel colour
skirt which is actually my mums i must admit but i love it , simple accesories kinda
finsih it off. sorry bit of a boring post but just thought i'd show my love for charity it sad that i think that each item has a slight story.. yeah probably , anyway
thanks for reading as always lovelies (thanks to amelia for taking the pictures)
comments are much appreciated  (yes i always say that but its true   (; ) ☮

Monday, 21 February 2011

We Are The Constellations in The Sky-

So this halfterm it all kicked off with yet another 16th Birthday party , this time in a
club venue , well everyone always gets dressed up for parties like this and so i was
no different although i had considerably less flesh on show compared to others.
I suppose i've always been a believer in dressing for yourself, not to show off or fit
the aesthetic of what guys want .. anyway i shan't rant , i'll just show my outfit (;

So the base of my outfit was this beautiful dress i bought from Motel , which is actually
not their own brand , the skirt is made from recycled vintage material & i love it definatly
a good buy. I suppose you could say i built up a bit of a black and gold colour scheme to
go with this dress matching the accesories and shoes , at first i could'nt choose which shoes
to wear but in the end went with the simple black crossover tie up heels.

My favourite accesory of the night being my "dream" bracelet from swarovski , i'm a magpie
so the sparkles really suit my taste. I paired the dress with a simple blazer for a more classy
look and thats it really ... It was a really lovely party with the Birthday girl wearing a "mullet"
dress in a lime green colour with an embellished bodice area , very prom looking & very lovely.
As it's halfterm i suppose i may do a few more outfit posts (more interesting outfits) , anyway
thats enough from me for now , comments very much  appreciated my lovelies ☮


Thursday, 17 February 2011

For life-

Ever so sorry for this rubbish short post and the lack of posts this week , just finished school
and the final night of my school's gym and dance show , SO much fun.
Anyway hopefully some new outfit posts coming up due to halfterm and pictures of my dress
i made for GCSE , took so much work i hope you guys like it when you see it.
Anyway here are some more pictures i love from weheartit (i'm addicted) just to make this look
a bit nicer , comments much appreciated as always ☮ & ♥


Monday, 14 February 2011

Joy division-

Just a quick post my lovelies , today is the commercial day of love , OH JOY.
loving being single today let me tell you , my lovely mum bought me a GU
cheescake to show her love bless her heart (: just thought i'd show some items
of clothes from that i love , forget boyfriends i'd rather have
these items (; total lust haves

so the first item is the "jolene" open back blouse comes in a few colours , the basics
, black and white as well as "blush" and "watermelon, all lovely (although watermelon
would look horrendous with my skin tone)  below is the  blush , i love the open back
i always think showing a bit of back is better than cleavage but i suppose thats just me
and my weird habits (:


seriously some of the blouses on this site are so lovely if i had the money i would
buy quite a few.So along with the great range of blouses they have the cutest peter
pan collar dress , yes i know everyone has one , which puts me off but wow i love
this dress , the simple colours mean you could pair it with great accesories , yum.

AND they have a pair of navy chinos which i have wanted for ages but cant afford
AND they are only £18.99 , need to make my mother find this website so i can get
some goodies (:

i must rush off now got to prepare my textiles peice so that i can (hopefuly) finish
it tomorrow , after a full day of dance show rehearsals... wish me luck ! (:
comments much appreciated as always ☮ & ♥                        

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Down by the water-

right so as stupid as it sounds i feel horrible for neglecting my blog this week , bu
t my my you would never believe the amount of work i have to do this week
(currently delaying ironing my textiles peice to write this ) hah.So today i had such alot
to do , afterschool "gym and dance show"run through for 2 and half hours , but i had to do
as much of my final peice catch up ... dilemma? definatly.So in the end i watched 30 minutes
of other peoples dances then had all the "top dancers"look at me like i was a turd on the floor
while i performed with my GCSE dance group , i suppose now i should mention i hate being
judged (; ANYWAY! the moral of the story is after i had a pathetic cry about my dance teacher never picking me for anything i went to the textiles room started sewing and literally felt 100%
better , i'm such a fashion keeno it makes megenuinly happy ha.
just a quick look consisting of my hareem trousers along with topshop bow back tops/dress and
zara coat , i love this coat , it was actually part of my christmas present.

hope everyone likes this ramble of a post , comments much appreciated as always x
(sorry for the god awful pixelating my mouth looked gross)

Monday, 7 February 2011

Ready for love-

So my weekend was very much uneventful , minusing my shananigans on friday night
it was not the best weekend , stayed up to 4 AM on sunday night doing coursework
definatly need to be more organised :/ Sorry i'm rambling , anyway i was browsing the
new look website this weekend due to the fact my mother hinted i needed shoes after
she bought me a pair of sports lux hareem trousers with zips (look coming soon ? )
and so i was looking at their new selection of shoes , may i say , i'm quite impressed
below are some i love although i'd never get the wedges due to my already tall height.
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

I am so in love brown leather shoes i think they are the cutest and go really well with navy
as well as floral prints (: majorly busy today just wanted to do a quick post and to mention
my dissapointment in the fact that the new Topshop "new age constellation" collection doesn't
have any galaxy print anythings , sadface. Comments much appreciated my loves ☮

PS: i miss summer.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

It's hard but not impossible-

My lord it's been a long week , i won't make excuses for not posting i shall just apoligise
so many deadlines to meet :o.Anyway onto the subject i was going to discuss , i went to
two parties yesterday (friday) andthought  i'd show you guys my outfit , hoping everyone
doesnt think it's too horrendous. one of these parties had a slight theme , you had to wear
black gold or white and as i'm not the biggest fan of white i went for all black.The seqined
hot pants are one of my Topshop finds from last year aswell as my aviator jacket which i
love to death i went for a simple black bandeau dress which i tucked in with a vintage leather
belt around the waist , i suppose it's not something i'd wear all the time but sometimes you just have
to get in the party spirit! Anyway thanks for reading everyone , more posts next week when my
textiles GCSE final peice should be done and i can show you pictures , i cant wait x