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Monday, 31 January 2011

Too much of your light made me blind-

Not in the best mood today , been really busy and had lots of dance practice to do.
But anyway i'm trying to just move on with things and today i'm having a major love
for bandana's worn in the hair of course , frankly they just come in so many colours
and can be worn with such a variety of clothes , i love them definatly need a few for
spring 2011 especially as the kinda biker/punk look is going to be big , check out
burberry their new collections are gorgeous.
(i cant wait for all the studding & zips:O)
just thought i'd post a few lovely pictures once again , all from weheartit.
times like this when everything goes so fast i just focus on fashion.
comments much appreciated  x


  1. they do look great! i like wearing then round my head kinda hippy style. x

  2. i really want a red one :o and yeah they look good tied most ways i think x

  3. I really love these! This look is one of my favorites recently, great post!
    Great blog I'm now following! Keep in touch :)

  4. wow thank you so much , really appreciated (: x


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