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Sunday, 13 March 2011

What You Don't Have Now Will Come Back Again-

This weekend was so lovely , the weather was semi spring like and i had
good plans finally got to go shopping (been broke saving up for reading festival) ,
anyway earned some extra cash and bought a lovely denim waistcoat , loafers
and a really nice pair of shorts. Although i acidently spent all my money in primark
whoops, had enough for this lovely long necklace from newlook though.


I love the pale wash denim the waistcoat is made of and the white lace
overlay on the shoulder , pretty sure it will be one of my main summer items ,
along with the shorts which i shall post at some other time.I actually wore this
outfit out with my super old topshop denim jacket , simple but goes with so
sorry just a short post hope everyone had a looovely weekend , comments appreciated ☮


  1. I love those trousers, where are they from?
    You look great :)

  2. thanks so much (:
    they are from Matalan
    you can always find soemthing nice in there if you search haha x

  3. Cute sleevless denim jacket :)

  4. I luvv the jean jacket.Your whole outfit is tres chic.:)

  5. I love those trousers! This outfit is seriously so cute.

    KF x

  6. I love this outfit, i brought some chinos at the weekend gives me some inspiration for what to wear with them. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  7. thank you everyone , such nice things to say (: x

  8. Those trousers are lovely, really suit you! xx

  9. Lovely waistcoat! Reading is so expensive this year, it was £120 the first weekend I went, and £45 a day, refuse to pay double that! x

  10. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    you look gorgeous! i love your clothing
    p.s i've got a new post up xxx

  11. i know right ! reading is ridiculously expensive.
    and thanks for all the lovely comments i'll do a new post this weekend i've just been super busy this week x


interesting comments ☮