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Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Game We Play Called Life-

Well , i do believe i have neglected my blog horribly , but seeing as this is the most important/
busy year of my life so far i feel like i have a reason to not blog on my regular schedule (:
Now i was supposed to take pictures of the outfit i wore to my non school uniform day on
Friday but seeing as i am learning my french oral / went out friday and sunday i was unable to
photograph it , damn.

This is such a nonsence post but i need time to gather all the ideas i've had floating around my
head for this dear blog , so i shall leave you with a quick selection of  pictures,
I don't expect comments for this post but believe me , i'll be back to normal soon...  ☮

[all pictures from weheartit] .. i have a slight obsession with studs/shorts/ leather it seems




  1. Those short are super cute :)

  2. i love this post the photos are great nice to read your blog ..Please check out my blog, lets follow each other....


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