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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Crave You-

Yet another quick post , just thought i'd keep my prior promise and show the bag and
necklace i got while charity shop shopping.
I have actually used both of these things so much already , damn the focus on my
camera it actually says "from the bottom of my heart" .. ahh i love nautical jewelery.
I reckon the bag looks slightly like a camera case but i love it it's like a box bag it's
so sturdy and i'm pretty sure it's real leather , my second favourite bag , my favourite
being my louis vuitton ... but thats a whole other post waiting to happen.
School and everything is super busy right now but i am buying my Reading festival
ticket soon so shall be able to stop saving and by some of my lust haves so i can
show all you lovelies , as usual thanks for reading comments are loooved ☮


.. oh no i've been on polyvore again , gotta love the louboutins (;

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  1. Amazingggg! I think you'll like it. Xoxo


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