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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

If We Just Hold On , Maybe Life Could Be Sweet-

Sooo as i said in my last post i forgot to take a picture of my "non school uniform" day
outfit and so i actually took pictures of it at the weekend when i had some spare time
between activities. The outfit is simply complied of my new sailor shorts from primark
, seriously i love them they  are , i don't know how to say , i'd describe them as
"flouncy" ha , and i kept it simple with a white vest top and a lace cardi which is actually
a topshop sale find from ages ago. finaly finished it off with my school bag and my
loafers because i am obsessed with them , just a quick post because i'm off for a jog
loove all your comments lovelies , new post soon... i hope ☮


[apoligies for the dear in headlight look on my face not sure whats going on there and i am aware of the holes in my beloved tights , frankly i like them]


interesting comments ☮