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Sunday, 30 January 2011

One Step At a Time -

So this weekend was my first proper party of 2011 , typical 16th really , fairly good music
and absoloutly wasted teenagers , can't say i was very different completly embarrassed
myself , but before i was an embarrassment i took a photo of my costume ...
(apoligies for TERRIBLE lighting and cropped my friends out of respect to them)

 anyway to make this post slightly less rubbish here are some pictures of a look i never got
round to posting , must say i love this scarf  (used in hair) i do believe it was a gift from paris
as well as my brothers che guevara top , i just love that print not going to lie. It's definatly
a simple outfit but i sometimes thats what you need to make single peices stand out.
thats enough of me for now anyway , i have to go and embellish the sash for the dress i'm
making , ALSO comments much appreciated my lovely readers (;  x


  1. love your posts :)

    follow me :D


  2. You have a great blog, i love the outfit you wore to the party and the simple one both lovely. Thanks for following il follow you back.


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