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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

gonna show the world that something good can work-

So as promised took some pictures of my latest look , must admit not sure if i have the
courage to put it on lookbook , not because of the outfit , but instead because i wish
they were much better quality... hey ho what can 'ya do.
Anyway in this i'm wearing a pretty simple outfit ,  absolute beut of a coat if i may say
so, i love the tone of brown , aswell as a Zara pleat skirt with hearts and finished with my
mothers Ralph Lauren pumps that i constantly steal.... sorry mum.
I'm so busy at  the moment but i must admit my blog is becoming my place of solace.
I was working on my Textiles GCSE final peice today , my god i love textiles , when i'm
sewing i don't want to be anywhere else in the world.


ALSO apoligies for my hair .. getting it done on saturday (;



  1. you have such a great blog, love your jacket x


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